Kellogg’s ! (Print)

This was for making Brand new Logo for Chocoland, which will appear on the boxes.

Chocoland, the eighth continent which is in the shape of Coco Pose. Starting with the head as a part of the “body” showing different parts of the “New Continent”.



These are the roughs (work in progress) for both the artworks.

Logo: B & W rough (value based)

Logo: Color rough

For the Map, the client brief was to have the place as the eight continent of the world. The shape of the land was the silhouette of a Coco pose, which we suggested.

For now the agency wanted to have only the head portion to be used to show a “wonderland” for the kids to play in. There were 5 main elements to be placed in the map, Wheat fields, Chocos volcano, River of milk, Chocolatey waterfall and Chocoversity. The concept was the wheat goes in the Chocos volcano, where there’s a chocos making factory. The Chocos comes off the Chocos volcano, from there the Chocos flakes falls in the River of milk. The River turns into Chocolatey, creating a Chocolatey waterfall. The Chocoversity is a place where the kids can learn the delicious language of Choco-lish.

Map: the first rough

Magic Elements Studios creates CHOCOLAND Map for Kellogg's CHOCOS

The client found the flipped version better than the previous.

Magic Elements Studios creates CHOCOLAND Map for Kellogg's CHOCOS

Iterations continued, with the flow of the design (with the placement of the elements) locked.

Adding bits of twits and turns…

Finalizing it.

All our hard work paid off, as the Agency (who loved our work so much) that they recommended us to their Digital Agency for the Website AV.