What we do

3D Animation

We aim to differentiate your products by delivering dynamic, engaging and entertaining content to satisfy the need of diverse portfolio of brands, television networks and organizations. We know what people want, and we create animation that are not only fun, but looks great as well.

Explainer Videos

Short online videos built using a combination of skills of creatives, designers, copywriters, working together explaining a business, product or service in 70 seconds or less to make our clients businesses more successful.


Magic Elements Studios artists combine their passion and skill with a wide variety of innovative techniques to exceed expectations, whatever the brief.


Our expertise for Visual development and exploration includes motion graphics, character development, illustration, game art and program generated visuals. Designers work on lightweight open-source software to invent reference looks, style frames, storyboards and concept art.


Make your story reels, watch your movie, even before you make it.

Our innovative approach provides a comprehensive visual template that captures mood, color palette, and story pacing while honoring your script pages. This approach provides a powerful, flexible environment that affords the creative options that Directors need and Producers appreciate. Our techniques are extremely cost effective and save your projects millions of dollars.


Additional  Services       

  • Animation Direction
  • Consultation
  • Series Development
  • Script Writing
  • Storyboarding/Animatics
  • Compositing
  • Sound Design
  • Voice Over Casting & Recording
  • Voice Direction